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But that, which came to such an abrupt
and horrible end in Le Raidillion
in those days, remains deeply engraved
in memory of those, who saw this
Stefan Bellof racing.

(Photo: Schlegelmilch)
The Stefan Bellof portrait
Name Stefan Bellof
Date of birth 20th  November 1957 in Gießen (Germany)
Date of death 1st September 1985 in Spa (Belgium)

After being successful in Kart Racing, Stefan had also won the German Formula Ford 1600 championship in 1980 and made his debut in the middle of the season in Germany’s Formula 3 championship, where he won 3 of 7 races he participated in and finally, he almost became champion. With a little help of BMW he got a cockpit in Willy Maurer’s Formula 2 racing team. He won his two first races in Silverstone and Hockenheim in a heart-stirring manner. With a little bit more experience and a better preparation of the Maurer-BMWs, he would have made it to the European champion on his first attempt. Another Formula 2 season in Willy Maurer’s team was wasted time and there was no further win to gain for him.


But at least Stefan got a cockpit in Porsche’s Group C- factoryteam in 1983. In this class he also won his first race right away and a year later he earned the title of the Endurance World Championship for drivers. At this point, his manager Willy Maurer had succeeded to get him a job with the Tyrrell team in Formula 1, although BMW would have preferred to see him in an Arrows. In 1985 the man from Gießen went within the Group C world championship to the private Porsche racing team of Walter Brun, where his teammates, Thierry Boutsen and Gerhard Berger, had no chance at all to reach Stefan’s lap times.

In the Formula 1 there were some highlights for Stefan in the hopelessly inferior Tyrrells. At the Grand Prix of Belgium in 1984 he finished in 6th place, right in front of a certain Ayrton Senna, who was competing in his first Grand Prix season for the Toleman team. One race later Stefan started from place 21 in the starting grid, to see the chequered flag in 5th place.

(Photo: Schlegelmilch)

At the beginning of June the Formula 1 circuit made its stop for the “Grand Prix de Monaco 1984”. Probably the most famous race of his short career. Senna qualified for the 13th starting position, Stefan dead last in place 20. On race day it was raining cats and dogs. That was THE chance for the two rookies to balance out their inferior material with their masterful driving skills. Alain Prost was in the lead for ten laps, before another underdog took the lead from the leader in the championship. Nigel Mansell was in the lead for the first time during a Formula 1 race. Six laps later, Mansell was left by luck and his car slid into the guardrail. Prost took the lead back and behind him, in second place there was Senna, right in front of Lauda. Stefan overtook Fabi, Laffite, Winkelhock and Rosberg one after another. As Lauda was out, he was behind Arnoux in fourth place. Before the Virage Mirabeau the guy from Gießen squeezed his Tyrrell through between Arnoux’s Ferrari and the guardrail. After only 32 of 77 laps the race was abandoned with the red flag. Stefan finished 3rd behind Senna. The points, which were hardly earned by the drivers for the team until the Grand Prix of England, were deleted after the Tyrrell team was found guilty of attempted cheating. And the team was also dismissed from the current season.


In 1985 Stefan drove 9 more Formula 1 Grand Prix, before he had to pay the highest price for his racing passion. In Formula 1 his Tyrrell finally got a Turbocharged-engine and for the 1986 season there was obviously an offer by Enzo Ferrari. But from time to time Stefan had to earn some money in Walter Brun’s Group C-Porsche. On racing Sunday Stefan was, once again, the fastest man in the field. Unfortunately the Works-Porsche of Jacky Ickx had some more horse power than the Brun-Porsche and there was no way to pass for Stefan. For a little, tiny moment he risked a bit too much,  irritated and annoyed for several laps by Ickx, who didn’t give way. In the valley of Eau Rouge Stefan didn’t expect the stubbornness of his rival. At this weekend Germany lost its biggest talent in motor-sport so far, only a few days after Manfred Winkelhock passed away after a crash in Mosport/CAN.

(Photo: Porsche)

He carried all our hopes! - His friends tenderly called him "Stibbich"

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